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Company Profile

Telkol Communications and Electronics Ltd. was established in 1985 as an innovative company specializing in providing unique solutions in the field of low voltage systems.

The firm possesses vast professional knowledge and experience. The management team and the professional team of Telkol have been dealing

 since 1985 with various and diverse projects that include the planning, production, marketing, installation and integration of different systems in Israel and abroad, practically all of which are considered to be the leading projects in this field.


The firm presents a line of complementary products, aimed at providing a complete and inclusive solution for each and every site. Each project is provided with a solution compliant with its specific conditions, the available budget, etc.


The systems are installed by professional installation teams that are active nationwide and are run by expert team leaders with many years of experience in the unique field in which the Company works.


Telkol has an independent Research and Development department, working diligently on a daily basis on developing advanced and innovative products and technologies, combined with various measures offered to its clients.


The Company markets its products to a large range of clients all over Israel and abroad.

The head offices of the Company are located in ISRAEL ( Petah-Tikva.)



“Telkol” is certified by the Standards Institution of Israel for the ISO 9000 Quality Management System.

Areas of Expertise and Main Products:

Areas of expertise:

·          Planning, advising, marketing, integration, installation and maintenance of low voltage systems.

·          Sirens and PA systems.

·          Sound systems, amplifiers, waistband amplifiers, microphones, megaphones, sound cannons.

·          Background music systems, PA speakers and music speakers.

·          CCTV

·          Systems and equipment for transmission of images by ground, cellular and satellite telephone lines.

·          Fire detection and extinguishing systems.

·          Cable and optic fiber infrastructure for computer and phone communications.

·          PA / siren systems for emergency vehicles (police, fire department, ambulance)



Main products:

·           Amplifiers, speakers and microphones.

·           Cameras, monitors and switches digital video recorder (DVR).

·           Detectors, exchanges and automatic fire extinguishers.

·           Cables, optic fibers and connectors.


Our Creed:


The management philosophy and professionalism that guide us in our work include basic and uncompromising principles:


Adapting to the needs of the client – The Company works for the client, in order to make the product or product package fully suit the client’s required needs and the available budget.


Sharing and cooperation with the client – Every client of our Company is a full partner with Telkol, and their best interest is our best interest. Our Company works uncompromisingly on forming a relationship of trust with our clients, by providing advice and service that meet the unique requirements of each and every client.



Client satisfaction – Our Company markets, produces and installs the best systems, and has full confidence in their performance. However, in cases in which special requirements arise due to site conditions or other reasons, our Company provides support and backup until a complete solution is reached, to the full satisfaction of the client.


Post-sales service – Even after the system is purchased, installed and is functioning well and fully, our Company remains at the service of the client for support in any need that may arise, and for adaptation to future needs.

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